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North Florida Koi Club
Vol. 38 , No.4 - 5 April-May 2017
First Coast Koi & Goldfish Club

Upcoming Events

Regular Meeting
Sunday, May 21st 2 p.m. at the home of Mary and Bob Cook 5322 Coppedge Avenue
Jacksonville  FL32277
Mary will be serving a rice, chicken and seafood dish. Please do not bring a lot of starchy side
dishes. Veggies and salads would not compete. Let’s make Mary happy and leave her with
no leftovers. However, desserts go with everything.

In case you did not read this e-mail earlier, here is Suzette’s report on a highly successful show.


Wow what an awesome show we pulled off this past weekend!!!!
· Sixteen exhibitors showing a total of 97 fish.
· Great judging team; Troy Head, Gary Elmore and Gerald Ellison
· Five vendors under the tent all pleased with their sales
· Delicious food served all weekend special thanks to our great cooks making their favorite side dishes Joyce, Michele, Mary, Jan, Kate, Libby, Dominique, Vicky & Suzette.                  

Thank you to Libby, Mary, Joyce, Suzette, Brett, Steve, Scott, & Willie coming out on Thursday to pull the trailers, set up and fill the tanks, assembling the air piping, and hoisting the two big tents.
Thank you to David& Karen Hardcastle for taking photos of the entering fish, benching the entries and doing the tedious computer work. On Saturday thank you to Alina, Mary, Joyce & Jan who greeted our visitors sharing information about our club. Scott walked around with the judges recording their decisions for Karen to enter in the computer. David Ching, Willie Alexander & David Hardcastle kept busy wrangling and bowling fish for the judges to view.
Thank you for speeding up the judging process.

 Happy Birthday
May 7 Jim Mattingly, May 8 Marcia Kessler
June 4 Jennie Enriques,  June 8 David Hagan

President’s Report
Hey guys hope everyone is doing well and your fish too. My fish made it back home safe and sound. Thanks again to everyone who put in such an effort in making that show a great success. I think it would be good while it’s still fresh in our mind to discuss what went right at the show and what could be improved next time. Maybe over the next few days jot down some thoughts about the show. If any of you are having issues with your pond/fish, then bring some pictures and be ready to describe what’s happening. Between all of us, someone’s probably had that problem before. If you know someone that really likes your pond or has a koi pound of their own, please invite them to this next meeting. If you brought people before to a meeting invite them back again to this next meeting. An increase in membership is one of the things any club  needs.
Scott Campbell

Secretary’s Report
There was no April meeting, therefore, no Secretary’s report.

We have received the 2017-2018 Ballot from
AKCA. The candidates proposed are listed below:
Chairperson - Jeff Fleischer
Vice Chairperson - Don Chandler
Secretary - Carole Elliott
CFO - Brenda Chandler
If we wish, write-in candidates can replace those on the official ballot. If anyone has an
additional candidate to propose to the membership for consideration, let us know at the
May meeting so we can comply with the June 1st voting deadline.

You may have noticed that this is a very small newsletter. Because we did not meet last month
due to the show no official business was conducted. However, the poor newsletter editor was
faced with empty pages to fill. I would like to ask that when you take photos at club events, that
you send them to me for the newsletter. Everyone likes to see themselves and their friends. And
it shows non attending members the fun they missed. My e-mail is jandavisbrown@gmail.com.

Thank you to Steve, David Hardcastle, Mary and David Ching for handling the water quality of our exhibitor’s tanks Our original night security man had emergency open heart surgery thank you to Sarah Altiery & Willie Alexander for filling in at the eleventh hour.
Thank you to Libby for ordering and shopping for supplies needed for our show
Thank you to Alina for getting the word out about our Koi Show to the communities far & wide thru all sorts of free lines of communication. The show booklet turned out well with bios of our judges, event schedules, and the show dedication to the loving memory of Doug Stuber. Please support our advertisers when you have a need for their product.
Thank you to Michele for beautifully decorating the hall ~ adding a classy atmosphere to our meals.
Thank you to Howard for putting together the presentation displaying the winning fish as the
judges presented the awards.
Thank you to Alina for organizing the raffle and our auctioneer Scott Campbell ~ we made over $900.00.
Then there were the fairies who warmed & served lunch Saturday & Sunday to our judges, exhibitors & vendors…… afterwards the kitchen and dining hall was polished clean so the masonic members couldn’t tell we used the kitchen.
Thank you to Mary, Vicky, Sarah, Howard, Alina, Joyce, Len, David Ching, Libby, Brett, Dominique, Scott, Michele, Willie & Suzette for breaking down the show site on Sunday emptying tanks, disinfecting them and loading on the trailer, dismantling the air piping and storing on the trailer, taking down & putting away the tents, removing all trash and returning to trailers to Dave & Linda Hagan’s property.
And a special thanks to Dave & Linda for keeping the trailers safe on your property.
Job well done
Show Chair Committee


This is a topic that bothers me on two levels. First, as a Treasurer, I know how much profit the rescue pond provides. Admittedly, there are expenses attached to running an often over-stocked pond, but most of the time it pays for itself with a good bit left over for the club. And over the years we have developed a group of koi people who look forward to auctions every year. I have received six e-mails in the last 60 days asking when is our next one.

The second level of concern is that we have to decide what we plan to do about relocating the pond or we need to remove all mention of it from our website and other publications. For months now, I have been running an informal koi adoption agency. Because my name is out there associated with Rescue, I’m the one they call. So far, koi needing a home and people wanting koi have been even. We can’t count on that lasting. Plus, it offends my Treasurer’s soul to do this for free.

We will soon lose our faithful auction attendees and a considerable amount of income if we can’t find a place to set up the rescue pond. If we permanently shut it down we will have to find a new source of income. I remember what our bank account looked like before we started the auctions and it was a pitiful sight. All of you have benefited from the rescue service one way or another, but lately nobody wanted to put the time in to keep it running smoothly. A rescue crew is needed to collect the koi, filter cleaners and maintenance people are necessary and most of all the pond needs a home or we need to get out of the rescue business.